How to Make Your Small Business Look Legit

When you’re starting up a brand-new venture, one of the top priorities on your list is building a robust customer base.

But, once the business starts rolling, you’d want to build credibility to maintain sales and attract more buyers for your products and services.

So what key steps will convince customers that your company is a top-tier brand? Here are a few changes you want to integrate as you go along.

1. Invest in a Dedicated Phone Number

Receiving business calls on a personal number allows you to share contact details without revealing personal numbers. In place of getting a separate phone line for your company, consider signing up for a VoIP line.

Ensure that your customers don’t call the number on your website only to be diverted to a personal voice mail account.

Providers like Google Voice offer you a free phone number that takes calls and diverts them to the relevant team member.

You could also get a toll-free 1-800 number that transcribes customer communication and sends you an email.

Not only will you convey that the company is legit, but you’ll also have good records for reference and avoid missing customer calls.

2. Find a Good Merchant Account

Customers are more likely to place orders with companies that accept payments via credit card, debit cars, and other payment options like a loyalty card, membership plan, or gift cards.

When they’re starting out, many small businesses discover that the big credit card processing companies don’t want to get involved in their industry.

Everything from MLMs to supplement and travel packages might be considered too risky. Opting for high-risk merchant services gives you access to these essential types of payment.

Credit card processing services offer clients protection against fraud and reassure them of the legitimacy of the vendor.

3. Dress Up with Tees for the Team

If you’re running a conventional brick-and-mortar establishment, you want to invest in custom t-shirts for the sales personnel and other team members working in the store.

Order a collection of tees carrying the company brand, logo, and slogan to project that you’re a unified and professional crew.

Customers are always more comfortable interacting with store workers sporting the company attire.

That’s because the logo inspires trust and familiarity, plus they know they’re not accidentally trying to order from another customer.

Even if you don’t have a permanent location, make sure the team has tees and hats with the company brand name. They add visibility at promotional and advertising appearances.

And, if you’re visiting people in their homes, it’s a powerful way to build logo recognition and customer trust.

4. Set Up a Professional-Looking Email Account

Using a Gmail or Yahoo account to receive emails from friends and family works well for personal communication.

But, when customers contact your company, they’ll want to see a business address that reflects professionalism and your branding. Sign up with a reputable email provider that offers email addresses with your domain name.

You’ll probably also get additional helpful features like online storage, document editing, and good reliability.

These services are typically very affordable, around $5 per month if you only need one email address. You’ll also have the option of getting the emails forwarded to a personal inbox as needed.

5. Have a Physical Address

Customers can feel wary about ordering from an online store that does not have a physical address. Make sure that your website lists the location where you’re based. Like many startups, if you’re running the company out of your home, rent a PO box where you can receive mail and packages.

There are virtual options for post office boxes that save you from ever having to visit. For a monthly fee, they’ll send you scanned versions of letters and mail.

Setting these up does require a little effort on your part–you’ll need a notarized letter to help prove your identity. That can be done from afar too, though, since you can now notarize documents online.

Use these five practical strategies to assure customers about the legitimacy of your business and build trust and reliability for long-term success.

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