6 Ways Parents Can Make a Little Extra Money

Does it always seem like your paycheck disappears as soon as you get it? For many working parents, that’s exactly the case: rent or mortgage, car payments, insurance, retirement fund, extra-curricular activities for kids, Christmas….the list could go on and on. But, instead of worrying about how you’re going to pay for your son’s second broken arm this year or your daughter’s cheerleading camp, be proactive. There are plenty of ways to make some side money during free time, weekends and paid time off. The monetary solutions below are all easy, flexible, and leave you completely in charge.

Drive for Uber, Lyft or HyreCar

Don’t want to worry about your monthly car payment? Have others pay for it by signing up on Uber, Lyft or HyreCar. It’s a super simple way to have extra income and allows you to choose your own hours. Many people are using share economy applications as a side job. The driver requirements for Uber, Lyft and HyreCar are fairly reasonable so you can start maximizing your earnings quickly. The main requirements are 21 years of age or older, having a clean background check, having an in-state driver license, insurance, and registrations and having a 2000 model car or newer that passes inspection. Companies, like HyreCar offers the ability to lease out cars. While on the flip side, if you have a car that you don’t use, you can lease it out to a driver.


Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer, coder, researcher, or know a foreign language, you can become a freelancer. There are many sites available to help you get started and find clients. You can decide your own rates, accept or decline clients based on your interests, skill sets, and time available. Buff up your resume and create a portfolio to impress potential clients. Keep copies of all your work to add to your portfolio.

Donate Plasma

Help others and save lives by donating plasma. Many people who have blood related diseases or surgeries are in need of plasma. Since there is a high need of plasma, donors get compensated. You must be 18 or older, at least 110 pounds, medically screened and tested for specific viruses. You can donate twice every two weeks. It only takes 90 minutes of your time and you can lay down and nap the whole time!

Open an Etsy Shop

Etsy isn’t just for moms either. Many of the shop owners are very talented men, so you can get your husband to join and even make it a family shop. Many of the men shops on Etsy are wood burnings, creations with wood, metal or copper, pottery creations, vintage menswear and accessories, and furniture builders. You can have your husband build something, and then you can add a bit of decorative flare to it to make it appeal to both moms and dads.  The bottom line is simple, if you or your husband have any creative skills that you could finance, do it. Allow your family’s weekend creative outlet to become a side job. And who doesn’t favor homemade over factory?


If you’re a teacher, or want to actually put your college degree to work, and you like working with kids, consider becoming a tutor. You can set your own rate, have only one client or many at the same time, and you get to pass on knowledge to the younger generation. Since students are at school during the same time you are at your 9-5 job, tutoring is the perfect side job because the demand will be for evenings and weekends.

Use Online Reward Sites

Join Swagbucks, Ebates and the Walmart Savings Catcher applications. Find online surveys to take. Use these rewards programs and points to stock up and purchase gift cards or be given PayPal earnings. These can be done on your phone while you are waiting in line for lunch, watching a movie with your family on the couch, or even while doing your business in the bathroom. Five minutes here and ten minutes there start to add up and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Final Thought

Being proactive sets a great example to family and friends that working hard has many tendencies to pay off. With many options and creative outlets to choose from, making a little extra income will make a great leap in solving a few of those financial burdens.


About Sherrie W.

Sherrie is a part-time contributor to All the Frugal Ladies. She currently works for a small publishing firm in Sydney and enjoys writing about her frugal (and not so frugal) life experiences and lessons learned along the way :)

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