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Guest Post: Keep it simple – Overcome Student Debt

Dealing with student loan debt is tough. Student loan debt is causing graduates to drown in debt and stress from these loans is not just effecting them financially but mentally and emotionally too. There is a constant growth in debt. Talking about students graduating in 2014 is indebted with almost $33,000. These numbers just would not stop there, because with …

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Spring cleaning can affect your taxes. Yes, here’s how!

We don’t think of spring cleaning as anything more than a pain. But it comes with some really great tax advantages. Here’s how you can save some money by being charitable this financial year!

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Auto Insurance Rates: Men vs. Women

Insurance is so mainstream in today’s world – car insurance is compulsory, Obamacare has brought health care into the spotlight and with businesses, the recent spate of floods in America and across the world has brought the topic of insurance to the fore. While a lot of aspects of insurance are debatable, the age old question of how insurance premiums …

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Five Vital Apps for Frugal Folks

If you’re looking to save money – and in this economy, many of us are – then there are a number of tools to help you do it. One of my personal favorites is to make good use of my smartphone to research where to get the best deals. For this reason, I’ve taken a look around and collated some …

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Is It Time to Switch Your UK Bank Account?

Switching Banks in the UK

Today we have a great Guest Post from our friend, Keith McDonald from As he specializes in UK finance, this post will be especially valuable for those of you in the UK who want to learn more about the recent switching banking system and how you might be able to benefit. If you’re interested in sharing your own expertise …

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The magic concoction – Rigging frugal living with debt consolidation

Worried about your increasing debt? It's time to change your lifestyle and become more frugal! Read up on a few great lifestyle changes here.

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Hard Water, Hard Cash!

water supply

Hard Water, Hard Cash: can your business save money by softening up? Around 60% of the UK and 85% of the US’ water supply is considered to be ‘hard’. Basically, it contains elevated levels of magnesium and calcium that built up in water-using appliances to raise household energy bills by up to 25%. Whether or not a water supply is …

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Meet the Next Generation Shopping Engines

Saving money through online shopping is great - but how about taking it one step further and saving even more with these new shopping engines? It's a shopping revolution!

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6 Things You Can Do To Immediately Increase Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

Your car is probably your second-biggest expense. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to cut down on your fuel costs and make your car’s engine more efficient!

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