Jessica J.

A native New Yorker, Jessica left behind the Big Apple almost 4 years ago to pursue new adventures around the world. Powered by caffeine and a relentless curiosity, she has now settled in Tel Aviv Jaffa with her husband, American cat, and a new appreciation for budget management.

Unique Cruises That Will Surprise You

River Cruise

Growing up, my grandmother would talk about beautiful cruises she went on and my parents would join their friends once in a while for a cruise holiday. In my mind, I pictured cruises for either retirees, older couples, or for families only. I pictured large boats with casinos, basketball courts, and day trips to tropical islands. It never had much …

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You Can Get in Shape at Affordable Prices!

Out of the four of us on All the Frugal Ladies, I’m probably the least healthy and I’m sure I’ve written a total of 0 posts on anything related to exercise or healthy living. But, that is going to change today as I’m starting to see the value of getting in shape – not only physically, but also monetarily. Why …

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Getting a Jump Start on Your Music Career

Following your passions can be harder than it sounds, especially if your dream is to make it big in the music industry. At ATFG’s, we have plenty of friends who have been singing at bars, booking tours with their band, and trying to build a following on YouTube. We have a lot of respect for them because chasing their dream …

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The Best Budget-Friendly Gifts for Father’s Day

Father's Day

Many families happily celebrated Father’s Day this past Sunday. Update after update, my Facebook news feed brought me a collage of photos of new fathers, fathers from the 80s, grandfathers, and even fathers-to-be. I saw some families went out to a ball game (which is ‘baseball’ for Americans), others went out to brunch or dinner, and some enjoyed a good …

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Is Your City a Frugal City?

We haven’t published a good #frugalreads in a while, so when I came across a recent study on the top frugal cities in the US, I thought it would be an interesting share and potential eye-opener for us Americans. Just last month,’s came out with the results from their study on coupon usage spread across the US. Calculations were …

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3 Easy Ways Spring Cleaning Can Save You Money

spring cleaning

Although the weather may tell us a different story (depending on where you live), Spring has already officially arrived. And with it comes the April showers, May flowers, oh yeah … and the famous ‘spring cleaning.’ This activity is of course important for our home and sanity, but did you know that spring cleaning can also save you money? “I …

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Get to Know The ‘Travel Fashion Girl’

Travel Fashion Girl

Travel + Fashion + Budget = Possible! Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Alex, a “travel stylist” and full-time blogger at Alex brings a unique twist to budget travel by writing about fashion and beauty as it relates to travel – and packing! With 6+ years of travelling full-time under her belt, we figured an interview with Alex …

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5 Awesome & Fun Finance Resources


What are the first thoughts that come to mind when I hear the word, “finances”? Do you see numbers running across a screen, calculators, credit card bills, your wallet, ATM machines, tax forms? Do you cringe in your seat? Do you rub your head from frustration? Anyone see themselves diving into a pool of gold coins like Uncle Scrooge from …

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A New Kind of Shopping: 3D Printing

3d printing shopping

Technology isn’t usually a big topic over here, but you have to admit it plays an important part in our lives – and helps makes things easier, faster, and even cheaper! Today, I want to talk about a technology that is only starting to make its way into our homes and lives, so you’ll be prepared when your kids start …

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What’s the Deal With Bitcoins?!


The debate over Bitcoin’s value and legitimacy rages on – not only on the television and newspapers – but during lunch breaks and over the coffee table with friends. Yet, with all the buzz and chitchat, how many of us have an actual grasp on what bitcoins are all about? How did it get started? Where can you get bitcoins? …

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